Thank you for choosing to book with us at Molly's. As we look to the new normal in the hospitality industry your custom is HUGELY appreciated. Please use our Resdairy service to book your table! 

Did you know you can now book online?  

Given you are reading this we can be pretty certain you do.

Now in possession of such knowledge, all that is required to reserve your table is a few clicks below. Combine this with a couple of key-presses and thanks to the magic of our ResDairy system you'll receive a confirmation email and be good to go. For larger tables of 10 or more, you will have to resort to old-fashioned methods such as phone, email, postcard etc. If all the aforementioned fail you, just drop by and we will endeavour to find you a table.




Eyes bigger than your belly? Feast your greedy peepers on the latest images of our newest dishes here. Obviously, unless you have the smartest of smartphones, you will have to join us in-person to sample the food!

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